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Here at Enfield Opticians, we put customers at the forefront of our services by bringing you an experience in eyecare like no other. It entails all the latest technological advancements and an up-to-date examination room in which you will feel comfortable to put your vision in our care. We help you to select your frames from our wide range in an enjoyable, leisurely manner and evoke a sense of fun into routine check-ups for your children.

We have been open for 17 years in Johnstown. We treat you with openness, integrity and charitability, refraining from selling you anything you do not need and instead focusing on the problem you have visited us for. We hope you will walk away feeling cared for and respected, whether you are a new or returning customer.


Eye exams

Exams can pick up on any issues going on inside your eyes or spot vision impairments, which is why we offer them for both adult and children clients, priced affordably. Our professional eyecare practitioners will guide you through the entire process so you will never feel daunted or overwhelmed.

Kids' eye care

Our little ones deserve the best eyecare for their developing vision, so we promote early detection for lazy eyes and ensure this leads to the correct treatment for its correction. Our glasses range has bright, patterned and colourful options for them to choose from after their eye exam, which costs only 25 euros.

OCT Test

Our hospital standard OCT scanner uses light to look through each individual layer of the retina. This process is used to detect serious eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration in their early stages than what would otherwise be possible.

Prescription glasses

Our services include purchasing the perfect prescription glasses for you. Everything including the lens strength, frame brand, size and colour can be altered to suit your style. Plus, we can help you with every step of the process, advising you on which glasses to choose.

Designer glasses & sunglasses

It is not just typical lenses and glasses we specialise in. We also have sunglasses in stock for you to customise to your liking. As we know your prescription, we will help you to source the ones most suited to your eyes, and advise you to stay away from brands which let harmful UV rays through.


Enfield Opticians

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